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Songs Sung
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17th August
The Finale - three songs.... Thanks everyone :)
16th August
A whole load
10th August
'Englishman in New York
7th August
'Dr Worm'
1st August
'All I Wanna Do is Rock'
28th July
'Under The Bridge'
25th July
'Chain Reaction'
24th July
'Love Shack'
20th July
'Dead Ringer For Love' (with guest appearances!)
20th July
'I Will Always Love You'
17th July
'It Feels So Good'
13th July
'If I Had A Million Dollars'
11th July
'I Touch Myself'
10th July
7th July
'Mmm Bop'
6th July
'That Loving Feeling'
5th July
'Light My Fire'
4th July
'Here Comes Your Man'
3rd July
'Best of my Love'
29th June
'I Want Your Sex'
28th June
'Night Fever'
27th June
'The Time of Our Lives'
26th June
'We're Going Out Tonight'
22nd June
'Let's Dance'
21st June
'Desert Rose'
20th June
'Paranoid Android'
14th June
'All Along The Watchtower'
13th June
'Grease Lightening'
12th June
'Sex On Wheelz'
9th June
'Flying without Wings'
7th June
'Virtual Insanity'
6th June
'Karma Chameleon'
5th June
'Enter Sandman'
2nd June
'Summer Girls'
1st June
'I'm Too Sexy'
30th May
'Bag it Up'
25th May
'Thong Song'
24th May
'Just Looking'
23rd May
'I Shot the Sheriff'
22nd May
'American Woman'
16th May
'Tuesday Afternoon'
15th May
9th May
20th April
'The Man Who Sold The World'
18th April
'Oops I did it again & The Beach'
17th April
'Spice Up Your Life'
14th April
'Pretty Fly'
13th April
'Crash and Burn'
12th April
'Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm'
11th April
'Atomic Dawg'
10th April
7th April
'So Young'
6th April
5th April
'Tainted Love'
4th April
'Don't Give it Up'
3rd April
'The Bad Touch'
31st March
'Sitting down here'
30th March
'It's Not Unusual'
29th March
28th March
'Bye Bye Bye'
27th March
'One Week'
24th March
'It's Oh So Quiet'
23rd March
21st March
'The Power Of Goodbye'
20th March
17th March
'When we are Together' & 'Celebration'
16th March
Something... and 'Tender'
15th March
A little bit of "ATB - 9pm Till I Come"
14th March
"Things Will Never Be The Same Again"
13th March
9th March
"You And Me"
8th March
"Down" and "Runaway"
7th March
"I Was Born To Make You Happy (again!)"
6th March
"Caught By The Fuzz"
3rd March
"Here's Where The Story Ends"
2nd March
"No Scrubs" And others
1st March
"Strong" And others
28th Feb
"Cool For Cats"
25th Feb
"Killer" & "Don't be Stupid!"
24th Feb
"Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" & "In The Air Tonight"
22nd Feb
"I Want It That Way!"
21st Feb
"Brimful of Asha"
18th Feb
"Moving too Fast"
17th Feb
"I'm Coming Home"
16th Feb
"Rise" & "Genie in a Bottle"
15th Feb
"American Pie", "Keep on Moving" & "Papa Don't Preach!"
14th Feb
"Beautiful Stranger" & "I Was Born To Make You Happy!"
11th Feb
"Back In My Life" & "Hey Mickey!"
10th Feb
"Baby One More Time"
9th Feb
Nothing - sorry!
8th Feb
"I Hate You So Much Right Now!"
7th Feb
4th Feb
"Rescue Me" (@ 150kbps)
3rd Feb
"Glorious & Believe in You"
2nd Feb
"Secret Smile"
1st Feb
31st Jan
Nothing - sorry!
28th Jan
27th Jan
"I Will Survive"
26th Jan
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
25th Jan
"Staying Alive"
24th Jan
20th Jan
"King of My Castle"
18th Jan
"Canned Heat" & "Northern Star"
17th Jan
"Girls On Film"
14th Jan
"It's Raining Men"
13th Jan
"Hey!" & "I Saved The World Today"
12th Jan
"Sing It Back"
11th Jan
"Waiting For Tonight"
10th Jan
7th Jan
"Rewind" & "Say Ooh!"
6th Jan
5th Jan
Not too sure!